About SOR

Established in 1969 by the California Senate Rules Committee, the Senate Office of Research (SOR) is a nonpartisan office that provides research for Senate members and committees. Its mission is to produce comprehensive and reliable research to inform effective public policy.

SOR policy consultants specialize in subject areas and have a range of expertise and skills. They work with state senators throughout the stages of the legislative process—by generating problem-solving ideas, gathering and analyzing data, preparing briefing papers, crafting legislation, organizing informational hearings, and assessing implementation of enacted laws.

Other primary roles of SOR are to prepare information and analyses for the Senate Rules Committee as it considers the confirmation of governor’s appointees to state agencies; track and analyze emerging federal issues; and serve as a liaison with academic institutions and other researchers outside the Capitol to help bring their research into policy discussions.

Thank you for visiting this site, which contains our published reports. We hope the information presented here is helpful to you, as we strive to provide thorough and objective analysis on matters that impact all Californians.

What's New

How Often Do Governors Say No?
October 16, 2017

Women and Corporate Governance
Megan Lane, August 2017
Prepared at the request of the Select Committee on Women, Work and Families, this background paper highlights women’s underrepresentation in corporate governance, barriers to their participation, and the link between women’s participation and good governance.

Pricing Strategies Can Be Effective in Reducing Residential Electricity Demand
Tim Scott and Paul Jacobs, August 2017
After a review of the research literature, we describe the numerous confounding issues and present our findings about the potential price responsiveness of electricity consumers. We also highlight the policy implications and considerations.

Profiles of California’s Unemployed
Ken Spence and Megan Lane, August 2017
Learn about the multidimensional challenges of California’s out-of-work population in 17 cities and counties.

Trump Orders Review of National Monuments
Meg Svoboda, July 2017
Twenty-five national monuments—six in California—are under review by the Trump administration. The scope of this review and what it means to California is described in this report.

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