Revenue and Taxation

United States Census 2020: Background Paper
Anisa Jassawalla, May 2018
Prepared at the request of the Senate Select Committee on the 2020 United States Census

Show Me the Money: The Revenue and Tax Structure in California
Gayle Miller, February/March 2014
This PowerPoint presentation offers an overview of the state's general revenue and tax history and how it has fluctuated over time.

Sales Tax Add-Ons: A New Trend in Local Government Finance
Meg Svoboda, January 2012
California now has 132 "special taxing jurisdictions" generating more than $3.7 billion in local government revenue, a figure tax experts predict will grow in the years ahead.

Running Out of Money: California's Unemployment Insurance Fund Faces Insolvency
Rona L. Sherriff, August 2008
Experts predict California's unemployment insurance fund will reach a $3.55 billion deficit by the end of 2010, which would be the largest deficit recorded in the state since the fund was established in 1935.

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