Natural Resources

Climate Change and Health: Understanding How Global Warming Could Impact Public Health in California
Julianne McCall, November 2018
Part I of this report describes the state of climate change in California and possible effects on human health. Part II summarizes a body of scientific research showing how California’s population already is affected by extreme heat and other suboptimal environmental conditions that could worsen with climate change. Senator Ricardo Lara requested the report.

Catastrophic Loss of Bull Kelp Forests
Teresa Feo, November 2018
This report examines the widespread loss of Northern California’s bull kelp forests and efforts under way to promote their recovery. This investigation was undertaken at the request of Senator Robert Hertzberg, chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. 

Trump Orders Review of National Monuments
Meg Svoboda, July 2017
Twenty-five national monuments—six in California—are under review by the Trump administration. The scope of this review and what it means to California is described in this report.

The Water We Drink, Part 2: What Is California Doing to Ensure Safe Water is Affordable and Accessible?
Michael Jarred and Meg Svoboda with Darrell Lu, Jim Damrell, and Brie Lindsey, August 2015
This is the second of two installments providing an update to SOR’s 2011 report on drinking water. This installment focuses on the challenges of providing safe and clean water that is affordable to disadvantaged communities.

The Water We Drink, Part 1: What Is California Doing to Ensure Its Water is Safe?
Michael Jarred with Meg Svoboda and Brie Lindsey, February 2015
This is the first of two installments providing an update to SOR’s 2011 report on drinking water. This installment provides an overview of the state's regulation of drinking water.

The Potential Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified (GMO) Salmon
Brie Lindsey, April 2014
This background paper, prepared at the request of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, reviews growth-enhanced salmon and their potential effects on the environment.
Committee Testimony

The Water We Drink: What Is California Doing to Ensure Its Water Is Safe?
Michelle Baass, May 2011
"Every citizen of California has the right to pure and safe drinking water," according to California state law. And how safe is the state's water?

Liquefied Natural Gas: What Is LNG? And What Is Proposed for California?
Kip Wiley, September 2008
The United States, including California, uses natural gas to heat homes and offices, cook food, and, most of all, fuel power plants generating electricity.

Timber Harvesting and Water Quality: Forest Practice Rules Fail to Adequately Address Water Quality and Endangered Species
Kip Wiley, December 2002
The practice of timber harvesting on state and private lands in California is, in most cases, failing to adequately protect water quality and endangered and threatened species.

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