About SOR

Established in 1969 by the California Senate Rules Committee, the Senate Office of Research (SOR) is a nonpartisan office that provides research for Senate members and committees. Its mission is to produce comprehensive and reliable research to inform effective public policy.

SOR policy consultants specialize in subject areas and have a range of expertise and skills. They work with state senators throughout the stages of the legislative process—by generating problem-solving ideas, gathering and analyzing data, preparing briefing papers, crafting legislation, organizing informational hearings, and assessing implementation of enacted laws.

Other primary roles of SOR are to prepare information and analyses for the Senate Rules Committee as it considers the confirmation of governor’s appointees to state agencies; track and analyze emerging federal issues; and serve as a liaison with academic institutions and other researchers outside the Capitol to help bring their research into policy discussions.

Thank you for visiting this site, which contains our published reports. We hope the information presented here is helpful to you, as we strive to provide thorough and objective analysis on matters that impact all Californians.

What's New

Catastrophic Loss of Bull Kelp Forests
Teresa Feo, November 2018
This report examines the widespread loss of Northern California’s bull kelp forests and efforts under way to promote their recovery. This investigation was undertaken at the request of Senator Robert Hertzberg, chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. 

Public Health Impacts of Climate Change in California
Julianne McCall, October 2018
Prepared at the request of Senator Ricardo Lara, this report summarizes the current body of scientific research regarding the public health effects associated with climate change in California.

How Often Do Governors Say No?
October 2018
A history of governors' actions on legislation from 1967 to 2018.

U.S. Census 2020 and the Role of Nonprofits and Local Governments: Background Paper
Sara Noceto, August 2018
Prepared at the request of the Senate Select Committee on the 2020 United States Census

United States Census 2020: Background Paper
Anisa Jassawalla, May 2018
Prepared at the request of the Senate Select Committee on the 2020 United States Census


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