Banking and Financial Institutions

Issue Primer: Blockchain Technology
Sara Noceto and John Thompson, June 2019
This introductory primer on blockchain technology briefly explains what a blockchain is, how it works, some of its potential applications, and how California and other states are taking steps to explore this emerging technology.

Building a Healthier Foundation for 2014: California Begins to Implement the Federal Health Care Reform Law
Kim Flores, March 2011
Federal health care reform was passed in March 2010 and, over the next several years, the new law will make major changes in the nation's health care system. Numerous provisions of the law have already gone into effect.

Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft: A Summary of Key Statutes and Guide for Lawmakers (2008 edition)
Saskia Kim, January 2008
The 2008 edition of this report provides an overview of major California laws and outlines how significant federal laws impact these statutes.

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