Public Safety

Profile of the Status of Women and Girls in South Los Angeles
Debra Cooper, Elizabeth Dietzen Olsen, and Norma Loza, October 2015
Prepared at the request of the Select Committee on Women and Inequality for the 2015 Hearing, this background document provides a snapshot of issues affecting gender, race, and poverty in South Los Angeles, including employment, homelessness, and trafficking.

State Survey of California Prisoners: What Percentage of the State's Polled Prison Inmates Were Once Foster Care Children?
Sara McCarthy and Mark Gladstone, December 2011
A unique state survey reveals how many of the polled inmates were formerly in foster care.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently imposed limits on state and local firearm-control laws. What does this mean for California?
Lindsey V. Scott-Flórez, October 2010
A sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Second Amendment applies to state and local laws.

Consumer Privacy and Identity Theft: A Summary of Key Statutes and Guide for Lawmakers (2008 edition)
Saskia Kim, January 2008
The 2008 edition of this report provides an overview of major California laws and outlines how significant federal laws impact these statutes.

Port Security—California's Exposed Container Ports: The Case for More Post-9/11 Protection
Max Vanzi, November 2006
Five years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a great concern persists that more terrorists—or their weapons—will arrive on a ship in a cargo container from a foreign port and unleash hell on American soil once again.

Organized Retail Crime: Shoplifting Has Evolved Into a Big-Time Business and the Crooks Are Making Out Like Bandits
Sarah Huchel, May 2006
A new crime trend involves trademark fraud, conspiracy, international money laundering, hundreds of millions of dollars in lost tax revenue, and even baby formula.

Pellet Guns and BB Guns: Dangerous Playthings in the Open Market
Max Vanzi, May 2005
Pellet guns are on the market today with projectile impact power often exceeding that of conventional firearms.

Protecting Californians from Hate Crimes: A Progress Report
Gregory deGiere, August 2004
Hate crimes, like any form of terrorism, are triply harmful. They hurt the immediate victims by inflicting loss and pain, the same as any violent crime.

The Patriot Act, Other Post-9/11 Enforcement Powers, and the Impact on California's Muslim Communities
Max Vanzi, May 2004
Within the Bush Administration and Congress, in the news media and public, among concerned scholars, and on the part of civil rights and immigrant advocacy groups, controversy abounds over the federal government’s broad new powers to investigate and suppress threats of domestic terrorism.

California's Response to Domestic Violence: A History of Policy Issues and Legislative Actions to Combat Domestic Violence in California
Kate Sproul, June 2003 [928-S]
Combating domestic violence has been a priority for California policy-makers since the late 1970s, but the focus on this often-hidden form of abuse has intensified since the O.J. Simpson case raised public awareness in 1994.

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